One of those wonderful days with Kiko

So today it was beautiful out, around 40 degrees! What a wonderful winter this has been so far. January in Minnesota and 40 degrees? What a treat!

Today I felt on top of the world. I was energized and so fufilled.

Kiko was on top of his game too, saw me before I could sneek up on him so he was waiting my the gate before I was able to get back from setting up for him. I like getting him from the feild because he doesn’t want to be haltered, would rather walk with me up to the gate un assisted. I think that’s cool but I guess it’s also a huge compliment that he goes to the gate and looks for me too.

Yesterday was a lazy day for both of us, we just didn’t have the energy, today was a totally different story. He was so eager, so willing so frickin CUTE trying to nuzzle everyone we passed, just itching to go do something..

A co worker came out with her 5 year old daughter who had only ever been on a pony before today. Kiko is SO good with kids. I can trust him to be careful, to not run the child over, to be gentle. He likes kids! Probably because I only introduce good ones to him 🙂

Kids also have such a natural seat it’s really easy to start them. She did great both when I was on Kiko with her showing her the trot and canter and when she was alone on him at a walk. Kiko of course took all his que’s from me because I was right beside them but the 5 year old was elated because she thought she was steering him with her body language instead of just following me. I could tell she was awestruck and now probably addicted to horses for life like I was.

Then it was Mom’s turn….which was quite a switch since she’s my lead worker on the job. She rode horses as a kid, bareback and bridleless which made her a perfect canidate for my horse. (Saddled of course) learning this new way of riding, she did really good. Considering it’s a lot of new info if you are used to the old way of riding.

Kiko was the perfect gentlemen and they both loved him. Can’t wait to have them out again.


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