Teaching and Training everything I love

I’m not good enough yet to ever think about making a living thru horse training. I wish to someday get that good but I’m a far ways off.

I absolutely love sharing my experiances with horses, helping people and seeing the Ah-HAH! moments. That moment puts me on a high nothing else in this world can do…and it’s not because I want to seem like a know it all, I certainly do not! But, I love the passion and I think the horse loves that in us. Every single time we have an Ah-hah moment our horses seem to be like oh thank god they finally got it! I mean maybe that’s why I finally found my perfect job, because it’s teaching people. I get excited in that moment when I see not only the acceptance but the hunger for more, give me more, I can handle it! I love when people feel passionate about anything and that just leads to more knowledge, more sharing and more opening of the mind. That only leads to better things.

Today, a buddy of mine was having trouble with her horse. I sometimes help her even though I am in no way an instructor so I went over at her request and I honestly like working with her horse because he reminds me of the horse I leased for 2 1/2 years. He wants connection, can’t do mindless things, needs that push but not force. I was telling her what to do but because of thier prior dealings he responded to her with a thrash of the head….so I got in there. I can’t say how I knew it but I saw he needed more, she’s a softie like me so I had to put back on my “I’m doing this for you not to you and don’t want to force you” hat. He connected instantly.

Watching his eye, I told her that’s what he wants, focus on his eye….reading his body isn’t important to him he needs the focus. Support him, if you just toss out your carrot string intent on never touching him he knows that, let him know you are here, you are present and you are there for him if he falls apart….he was trotting and I raised my lead hand, smaked the ground three times in a rhythem with the string and he was off in a canter.

I gave the rope and stick back to my friend and when he went into the trot again told her to hit the ground like I did three times until he’s in the canter, he went into the canter for her. Then he came back down and started ignoring her, she tried twice again and when no response I yell out to her, “touch his shoulder NOW!” which she did and he was again in the canter. I told her to stop and both myself and her horse came in to her where we lavished attention on him, he was licking his lips. She was happy, he was happy and I was on cloud 9. What a great moment for the two of them and I am so honored to have witnessed it!

If I can help just a few people have moments like this I feel like maybe just maybe I’ve had some meaning being here in this life, maybe this is it, maybe this is what I’m meant to do, maybe this is my meaning. I don’t know but dreaming has never been a problem of mine. 🙂

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