Nokota horse Brokeback (Heath)

I just wanted to post about this guy…He’s got a great story.

This is Brokeback or Heath…whatever we decided to call him that day.

Heath, the guy in the front- Blue Roan

When he was a lot younger while moving him from one area to another, this guy somehow managed to squeeze himself away from the group and tried to hide from the humans under a structure at one of the farms, realizing it was too tight for comfort he blasted away from it, tearing some of the steel away and jabbing himself in the low back right before his hip…pretty well. The wound was deep from what they could tell but being a wild colt, he wasn’t down and trying to get a vet in to see the horses is near impossible since they are not used to people at all. You can actually cause more stress and damage to the horse by trying to tend to it so as it is in the wild, they are left alone to either heal or pass on.

Heath healed! He’s got a scar on his back for proof of his story but we didn’t know if this would hinder him or not. Because we use quick identifiers for the horses, someone called him Brokeback….and of course that term led to Heath, in kind of a more gentle aknowledgement of his scar since his back isn’t really broken.

You can see the scar here:

See the dark scar on his back?

We discussed him in detail and the Kuntz brothers said in no way did it seem to bother him. So one of our more advanced students Charlie decided to try him out and see how far he could work with him, watching him very carefully for pain.

Because Heath was an outstanding learner and such a willing participant, Charlie was able to get him from first touch to accept the human in less then a half hour!

Charlie with Heath

Charlie checked very carefully for signs of pain around and on the scar and Heath showed no pain so Charlie took the next steps, graduating accept the human to accept the human on your back…..again no signs of pain or bother….

Charlie playing accept the human

On his back

Heath was as accepting as can be! He was calm, relaxed and seemed interested in what was going on. What a good boy! We were so happy the scar didn’t bother him!

Next thing you know, Charlie was sitting on him while watching the bridling demo Jack was putting on.

Look at Heath’s expression, watching what Charlie was doing out of frame…I think it’s really cute how zone’d in he was, he really seemed to like him a lot!

Looking at Charlie getting the saddle pad

Soon after this shot, Charlie had him saddled and was moving him around while in the saddle! Again, Heath showed no signs of pain or discomfort.

We were really happy this worked out for Heath. Glad Charlie tried and glad Heath’s old injury doesn’t hold him back in any way. He’s now undergoing training with Charlie and then will be sent to his new owner Rachel! I’m so happy for him. A beautiful Nokota colt with a beautiful soul being adopted by a great, loving owner. For me, this is a great ending to a story, to Heath…it’s only the beginning. Considering Rachel works with the Nokota’s regularly and was here for this clinic. I think it’s going to be the start of a great rest of his life for him.

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