New Saddle for Colt Start

Yay! My new Saddle just arrived today for me to use at the next colt start clinic.

I’m excited about the saddle because it’s just a regular ol sized Wintec.

I’m more excited about the colt start in March in Texas but this saddle makes me even more excited because it’s normal size. My giant sized Colorado is 45 lbs and I’ve spooked some of the colts trying to swing (in my case more like clobber on em as smoothly as I possibly can) but my saddle would fit a draft horse because my boy is so big that it’s pretty much like balancing then strapping a top onto one of the colts backs. Which I’m sure isn’t real comfortable for them, not only do they have this strange thing strapped to them but it’s wobbly and heavy too!

Not this wintec, 16 lbs! So I have a decent saddle with a little bit of quality so it’s not going to hurt them even if it doesn’t fit perfectly since they only wear the saddle for a short while at a time and I instead of using so much of my energy to get the saddle UP enough to swing on the back, I can now really just focus on doing it as calmly and comfortably as possible for the colt.

Looking forward to using it in two weeks so Texas, here I come!

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One Response to New Saddle for Colt Start

  1. nokotahorse says:

    We have just nominated you for The Versatile Bloggers Award.

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