Pissed at me

Okay So I know I posted about the beautiful day Kiko and I had last Saturday and this is a week late but I thought it was only fair to post about the day AFTER….on Sunday.

I took him out again, alone.

For whatever reason he was HOT this day….real hot, spooking at almost everything. Kept telling me he wanted to go back NOW…..when we passed two other horses, both geldings from his herd he was ANGRY with me, snorting so loud and hard it sounded like a tuba. Stomping feet, doing his spook trot. When I would turn him around to do our back up and spin he did it so fast and collected I thought he was hurting his neck he was so stiff. He was just PISSED at me and I could feel it. We managed thru, got around on the trails uninjured and got to eat grass at the end.

I can’t help but laugh though, as I was that day when we got back to the barn talking to the two we passed on the trail and another of my trail rider buddies. Told them how he was reacting to me being just a freak today when yesterday he was so calm and cool. BUT I have to give it to Kiko, as MAD as he was with me, he did nothing to harm me, like throw me or buck me off when I know and he knows I know he very well could have. He has the ability and today he had the inclination but didn’t. Wakan would have….in a second! Kiko won’t go there. At least not yet. Which is good and I appreciate it. I swear it was only the relationship holding it together not his training. If it was just training only he probably would have gone over the top but because we are buddies and he feels this way too, he’s not willing to run thru that. I don’t know exactly how to explain it but I just FEEL this. I don’t know it, I do question it on rides when we are like this but somehow I just feel where he is. It sounds dumb when I say it outloud but I feel it as strongly as an armbar in jiu jitsu…you just know when the limb is about to break and you tap out. Kiko taps out before he does anything rash in human terms.

This just enforces the beleif I have that the relationship is everything. It really truly is and I see it in this horse all the time and more so on days we have that are like this. When he’s mad, I let him know I KNOW you are mad and I’m not trying to piss you off. I just want to get you to trust me. I won’t let anything bad happen to you, I promise.

And Even when we have bad days like this, if I fufill this promise it just gets better. Yeah, just like humans, they have good days and off days but if I can uphold my promise to him he seems more willing to take care of me and just tell me and show me when he’s upset rather then get rid of me.

So in my eyes…it’s still a positive day.

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