Sweet Moment today

So I feel like crud today…Sinuses mixed with dehydration due to salt content of my dinner last night. Ribs, chicken wings, french fries and a beer. Totally OD’d on salt content for the next two weeks I’m sure…maybe more.

So due to that, being so out of it, I’ve learned Kiko can get pretty irritated with me when I try to do something without focus. So when I have no focus it’s better that I don’t try to really ride.

I got to the barn, let him out of the pasture, he followed me to the parking lot where I just got him cleaned up, gave him a handful of grain and some treats. Haltered him and went in the indoor. There were some barrels set up so we did some figure 8’s and did some sideways around the barrel stuff. I tied his rope to his halter and jumped on him bareback which he always tells me I need more work on with the one hard tail swish he gives me that I could probably hear outside the barn….he really wants me to know I suck at getting on him without a pad or saddle.  We did a twice around the arena then opened and closed the gate like we have been practicing. Went outside and ate grass, I just asked him to go from clear grass patch to another, to another.

I put him back in pasture and gave him our customary goodbye treat and went out the gate. He decided to come over to the gate. I’m sure he was like “that’s IT?” So I told him, “yeah buddy, that’s all I got in me today, if it was warmer I’d hang out with you in the pasture longer but my thighs are starting to freeze.”

Not that he understands all that but he leans his face on the gate, So I do too. He moves his face over to me and reaches over to my face with his top lip. So I give him the type of kisses I give my cat when I’m trying to annoy her into playing, you know the kind the rapid kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss right under his nose on the side of his mouth. He moves his mouth into my cheek and starts rubbing it back and forth with his lip like it’s a scratch off ticket and he was trying to get it to show him the money. I burst out laughing! He’s so freekin funny. It was just such a sweet moment I have been thinking about it all day long.

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