Nokota Tx Colt start next week!

Oh I am so excited! FINALLY the clinic is here. Next week I’m driving to Texas for Jack Liesers Nokota colt start.

I get to see Jack, his wife Sarah, Frank and Leo Kuntz…it will be good to see all of them again.

I also can’t wait to interact with the Nokota colts Frank and Leo transport down from North Dakota. It’s such an indescribible feeling walking into the wild herd for the first time. Our first interaction with them being so peaceful, just asking for acceptance as one in the herd. No intentions, no force, just feel. To see them relax and accept us is so very cool.

Jack is the greatest instructor, he’s so calm and patient. He’s got an easy going nature that’s very comfortable to be around. He’s direct but never makes me feel bad about mistakes or anything, in fact I feel better after I do it right. He’s got great communication skills where it’s easy to follow with minimal effort because it’s so crystal clear. He’s launched my knowledge on horses many years ahead of where I would have been without him.

With all of my research into different methods and trainers. I am so happy my path was crossed with Jack’s. It couldn’t have ended up any other way because this was so obviously fate. I feel honored to call him my trainer.

I learn so much from the wild colts, I have no choice but to strive to get better each time, each interaction, each activity and it’s not for me, it’s FOR them but the back lash of that is I get better with each day that passes because of what the horses teach me about me. Horses don’t lie and to go one further Nokota’s hide NOTHING from you. They have no negative or positive interaction with humans prior to this so you are working with a clean slate and the only thing you can rely on is your skills, the abundance of skills Jack gives us and the desire to connect, to understand, to read and to reply correctly to produce a positive relationship with a wild animal.

I just can’t wait. It’s my third colt start with the Nokota’s and Jack and It cannot get here fast enough for me. I will have some more amazing Nokota stories on individual horses when I get back.

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