Nokota horse Medicine Hat pt 2

Well we got a pleasent suprise at the TX colt start this past week.

Medicine Hat was back! I wrote about him before, he was a really nice colt I worked with at the North Dakota clinic last June. He had a teething issue though so once he was haltered things went pretty sour and he was in pain. Jack Lieser had to take him over for me and get him to realize we were not trying to hurt him. Which Jack did pretty quickly. Medicine hat seemed to forgive us and was at the fence with the others for butt scratches and eating hay out of peoples hands because that was a new interesting thing to do.

Well, he was back, much more filled out, a lot taller and beautiful as ever.

Medicine Hat

He was bold and curious and was one of the first horses to get roped. Very VERY quickly after that he was the first horse to make human contact and again after only a super short while was the first to be haltered.

Making first contact with Jeremy


I am very pleased that he did not have the tooth problem that he did in ND last summer. He was great with the halter and because we did so much leading last year before I put the halter on, he was a pro at leading, I’d really like to think the work I did with him last summer helped that along. I was very proud of him.

Being bigger now (much bigger) and taller he was one of the top horses in this herd which I found very interesting because 9 months ago he was not. But as Nokota’s usually are, he was very gentle with humans. Alecia was able to give him a new “Doo” while they were hanging out.

The new Doo

A very pretty white and black braid in his hair....awww

Jack used him for both the accept the human and the saddling demo. He had a little more skiddishness with the accept the human part just because he is a more reactive kind of guy but he settled down quickly. Saddling went perfectly because the accept the human went so well.

And he handled saddling as most Nokota’s doing nothing, hanging out sniffing the wierd stuff on them and not reacting at all.

Hanging out after being released from the line

He went off to hang out with the other colts that were saddled, they like checking out eachothers new gear.

And finally, as you can see on Alecia and Jack’s faces, accepting the rider went very well too.

Accept the rider

He is a gem this one, I really hope to see him again in North Dakota this June. Until then I will smile when I think of him running wild in the feilds of North Dakota back with his herd. I have no doubt he will be one of the horses in the feild that will greet people when they come visit for observation. Can’t wait to see him again.

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