Nokota horse Jacy

Alright, so this was my third colt start clinic working with the wild Nokota’s.

I pegged this guy, the Bay Roan out in front with Medicine Hat as one of the horses I would like to have worked with actually right when I took this picture. Soon as I saw him I wanted to work with him. I named him Jacy which means Moon. He’s out of the Stallion Nohocky who produces some wonderful colts.

The boys in the pasture day 1

Jacy is the bay roan to the right of the picture next to Medicine Hat.

I have noticed I am attracted to the same type of horse. Medicine Hat was my first kind of outside my comfort zone horse. He was much more skiddish but this time around I decided to go with the flow and see where fate led me. I was real quiet and luckily Jack asked Alecia who she wanted to work with…she said “oh, I don’t care” he said “No, which horse do you want to work with?” LOL She picked the other cutie pie I would have been happy to work with but like I said, fate led me right to the number one horse I picked out on first observation.

Now back to the type of horse I like. I always seem to get the left brain extroverts. Happy go lucky, very interested in new things, like to move the feet but not super duper skiddish and things that scare them quickly become interesting and fun. Some of the traits I see in the colts before I get to see reactions are curious, boldness, interest but then retreat behind a bigger more dominent horse. I seem to be attracted to them right away.

So I get my boy. I am super stoked. So the first thing I do when I get in the round pen with the wild horses is just take my time and be there with them. Let them realize it’s round and round and there’s no reason to panic just cuz a human is standing in the middle. Then I start swinging my rope. If I’m lucky I rope em within the first 15 minutes….not this time…45 minutes I finally roped my boy. I felt bad for him. It’s stressful for them. I need to work on that. He handled it well, another trait in these horses is they are smart, he started ducking my rope after a while because I’m such a horrible shot. I did manage to get him roped though.


Jacy walking around humans checking everything out.

So after just being with him wearing the rope, pacing with him and finally getting him to realize he wasn’t dinner….. he started to get a little interested in me and I was able to touch him with the back of my hand on one of his nostrils and that was it. That was end of day 1 with Jacy….the colts were exhaused. Saturated is a better term so we let them go.

Day two I roped him right away and we started where we left off the day before. We quickly graduated out of the round pen because leading happend so quickly and lightly for him, most of my time leading was done with an open hand. It took a lot of time to get there so we ended.

Day 3 the magic happened the first time I touched him, on his poll right behind the ears, she shuddered like a fly was on him and I rubbed and he shoved his neck right into my hand and I scratched him lightly…he shoved even harder so I did it harder. Oooh he loved that! I thought YES! I GOT A SCRATCHY HORSE!!!! …..and it was done. One step after another we just got better and better. He was so light and responsive it was amazing. After lunch I was able to walk up to him and halter him instead of having to rope him.

Jacy Day 2

Then we started singing, he realized I could be trusted, accepted that I wanted to be partners and we focused on fun stuff while leading like the flapping banner, the bucket, the mounting block, chains on the fence…the fence itself all things that could be PLAYED with….Oh he was having a good time, at first spooking then seeing me touch it, then chewing on it….what a great game. If we would stop to watch a demo or someone doing something he spent time sniffing my hair or hands or clothing. Everytime I looked at him I got the What? expression


Day 4 we picked up the accept the human, being touched all over rubbed on, crazy movements like we do with our domestics, more erratic like humans are etc. He handled it like a pro. The rest of the accept the human went well as well as saddling. As usual he and the other colts were more interested in playing with the gear on eachother rather then worrying about what’s on them. They are so cute.

Jacy saddled

Jacy all saddled checking out what's happening to Medicine Hat...

Accept the human went just as smooth. Super easy, as light as he was on the ground and I think we ended in a good spot because he seemed totally content.  I really like this guy, He made me wish I had my own farm because he would have been coming home to it if I did.  I really hope to see him again in North Dakota this June, that would be splendid.

Jacy and me

Jacy and I hanging out at the end of the clinic.

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