Move to the new barn

I moved Kiko from his old barn to a new one. I felt really bad doing it because of his best buddy was at the old barn. I’ve never seen him take to another horse like he did to Cres, a Nokota baby he decided was his to care for.

Anyway, we moved Kiko and Twilight together and when we arrived we found out they were supposed to spend 14 days in quarrentine but in little round pens. I told them, ahhhh, I don’t think he will do well with this but we can try it and see what happens. Kiko needs to be around other horses. He’s not used to being stalled for longer then a night and is used to (since birth) to having space to run around in.

I came out the next day to this:

Kiko wanting out of the round pen

Kiko wanting out of the pen

and this:

Lemme out

Let me out of this thing!

So I called the owners and told them he’s not doing so hot in this enclosure and Twilight wasn’t either. With Coco scheduled to arrive the next day I really needed to work something else out. I called the owners and even though this is how they have done it for years, they very kindly decided to move a few babies out of an isolated pasture and put Kiko, Twilight and Coco when she arrived together since they all came from the same farm.

They went from ornery to very happy in just a few moments in the new pasture. Twilight and Kiko who have met before but always either under saddle or while being led were let out together and it was a very EASY introduction. Twilight, the lead mare in our old place gave a little head shake and Kiko said “Okay!, you can be boss” and they have been buddies since.

Investigating the mineral block

The next day when Coco arrived we went on a trail ride together then let her into the pen and it was the same….very peaceful. It made me feel very good to make my horse happy and he seemed to appreciate the effort.

Happy boy in the pasture




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