Riding Kiko down the Gateway Trail

So I did something I have always wanted to do with my horse today.

I have always wanted to trail ride my horse on a trail alone, just the two of us on a totally foreign, new trail so we discover it together…just us, no other horse to lead or follow, no safety in numbers. Just the two of us on an exploration.

I KNOW it’s not the smartest thing to do alone but it was something I wanted us to experiance together as partners. I don’t want him to carry me down a trail he knows well and I don’t want to yank him down one he doesn’t want to go down. I wanted to explore something together, make it join us as partners on a trek better then any arena or practice can do, I wanted to feel free, just me and my horse. Depending on eachother to deal with anything that comes our way.

That’s exactly what it felt like.

We did really good together, I was giving him more of what he wanted. When he gets nervous, he likes to move his feet so we trotted a lot as long as he kept his head, when he would lose it, I’d half halt him until he was thinking again which doesn’t take much these days. He would get back to thinking which is what I wanted and he would get to move his feet which is what he wanted. When we cantered, even galloped as long as he kept his head I let him out, go ahead! “Wheeee~” no, really….I actually said “Wheeee!” when we were really going to keep the energy up. I matched him, only shut him down twice but he wasn’t afraid, he was bracy. We got rid of the brace and continued.

We rode the trails for two hours, it was a very fun time. We were not seperate units, I guided him more with my seat then I did with my hands, I really put the trust into him that he would get it and we both did. We stayed relaxed, loose and the entire ride was one big conversation. I can honestly say I think this was our most sucessful ride ever. It was nice and long but we didn’t tune eachother out. We handled everything like a team. At one point he even told me he’s more comfortable with me looking every which way including up at the sky rather then just focusing on the trail ahead. Like he wanted me to look out for cougars and wolves instead of just directing where we went. It was very interesting seeing him physiclly and mentally calm down when he felt I was looking in all directions. He stopped looking in all directions when I started doing that and he focused on the trail ahead. Almost like he was saying, Okay…now that you are the look out, I will just focus on where my feet go. LOL

We rode next to the highway behind the guardrail and even ended up stopped next to a school bus waiting for the kids to run across the street to the awaiting cars picking them up.

We got back to the barn both pretty tired and sweaty. Put him in with his two girls in the pasture and all he wanted to do was stand next to me and snuggle his head into my jacket.

Can’t wait for Wed. where we go out to the gateway again but this time with Kelly and Coco.

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One Response to Riding Kiko down the Gateway Trail

  1. Trail riding alone is a great way to bond. Shoot, with cell phones you’re not in much more danger than a person hiking on a trail. Even hikers run into snakes, bobcats, slips and falls. Of course a hiker isn’t phased by a plastic bag suddenly being blown in front of them 🙂

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