I’ve realized recently my posts have been very poor quality.

Sloppy, not the right wording, dull and well…very clumsy. And my spelling sucks which I know….but whatever, I’m not a writer, I’m just a someone that likes writing about my experiances.

I really want to focus on changing that but sometimes the random thoughts that come as fast as they do I try to get it down just as fast. I have to realize I have time…time to think, time to reflect and time to think about what I want to say.

It’s kind of like my experiances riding. Everything comes so fast! Kiko’s reactions, the Colt’s reactions, things people say and gets jumbled. There are so many times I think

” I could live in this moment forever”

but I don’t explain that because it was just a thought, just a fleeting feeling in one of a thousand wonderful moments. I fail to explain it adequately.

It’s the moment Kiko leaps up into a canter, It’s a perfect trot or transition, It’s a funny reaction he has, It’s a wow that was kinda scary but also FUN moment. It’s every second I get to spend with him, It’s the moment a colt ‘gets’ what I’m saying, the feeling of being accepted into a wild group, it’s a light bulb going off, the instant connection happens, the times I put pressure into my saddle and my horse moves away from it, the point the horse tells you it’s okay,  it’s the feeling…the awareness of anything & everything.

Everything is important. I hope to capture that from now on.

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