Integration into the new herd

Last night I was lucky enough to run into the barn manager who was just about to move the three horses who are finally done with isolation, into the outdoor arena so they could meet the herd when the herd came back up from grazing.

Cool! I told her I would help. She took Coco and I took Twilight.

I told her I would be interested to see Kiko’s reaction when we took the two mares out of the enclosure since they all seem to have formed a pretty tight bond.

As expected, he was not happy, running around, calling to them, looking beautiful all tensed up and really really really TALL.

Twilight wasn’t happy moving as quickly as we did but she was handling it pretty well. I get the impression from her; Although she is reactive and sensitive, I think she can process things faster then other horses like her. We got Coco and Twilight into the outdoor arena and I went back for Kiko.

He was waiting for me, nostrils wide and his face looked like a carved statue. I got his halter on while he was leaning into me like he was telling me, Cmon, Hurry up now!!!

Got him into the arena, let him loose and he and Twilight tore off to trot the arena. Coco was already calmly eating in the middle of the arena totally un concerened where she remained the entire time I was there.

The other horses in the pasture were then drivin back up to the paddock.

Twilight and Kiko were trotting again, tails raised like white tailed deer….even Kiko’s!

Here’s the funny thing though, the horses in the paddock were really interested in greeting our three but Twilight was heading Kiko off, she let him touch noses a few times but would then push him off or tear away and he would follow.

I found that very interesting. I know with Stallion behavior, that would be normal but was totally unaware that lead Mare’s did this as well. I really look forward to watching her in this new herd. My inexperiance with Mare’s and mare activity is something I am eager to study in this new mixed herd.  I’m very interested in seeing how they form into this group of horses.

Coco seems to not even be interested in filling out an application for lead mare, she used to run a herd of 60 horses but being 21 and having Twilight around I think she’s perfectly happy just being around Kiko…She used to act like she didn’t really like him, but now she’s been in heat for the past two weeks and screams for him when he’s out with me, nickers at him when he comes back. Today Kelly went out and said he would not leave them alone, he wanted to be glued to Coco’s side even though they were out with all the other horses eating grass at that point. I’m glad he’s got a girlfriend even if she is 11 years his senior.

It will be fun to see where Kiko places in this herd. It’s big! He loves other horses but he is a social retard so they don’t always love him back. He’s probably the closest dometic horse I know that acts like a Nokota. He’s constantly testing and playing and trying to get other horses to engage him which is why he gets all the bites and kick marks on him because he ends up annoying other domestics. His best buddy is a Nokota and he’s used to that so they became awesome friends. So with so many horses to play with I will be interested to see where he places, if he has friends AND if Coco will tolerate his antics when she’s not in heat.

Going out Friday for observation of the integration.

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