MEAA day

So I did a MEAA event today with Kiko. I was very nervous, I always get nervous even though I am not in it to win it..the pressure for me is ON so I get anxiety and Kiko feels it. This is how our day went today broken down by obsticle. I have to say Kiko is a great sport! He tries his heart out for me even when I’m not being a great partner being all full of nerves and anxiousness about the course.

ONLINE: (I’m on the ground, Kiko is on my lead rope)

Obsticle 1:

Send your horse over the teeter totter bridge: Kiko said “No problem…hey! it moves…cool!!!

2: Back your horse down the shoot to the mailbox & Open n close the mailbox door: Kiko said “Whaaat? You want me to back in YOUR condition are you f*ckin kidding me? No, I will go sideways, I will go forward, I will try to turn around OH OKAY you pest….I will go back just really, really, really slowly. By the way, I hate the poles I keep running into with my feet….Mailbox? Who cares about the mailbox, what are you doing…did you know you are touching me with that…how annoying, I think I’ll lean into it and shut it for you.”

3: Send your horse over the three jumps at your gait: Kiko says Sweet! I get to JUMP! YE HAWW!

4: Go thru the arena gate and send your horse in a traveling circle at your gait to the next obsticle: Kiko says ” Gate shmate….send me thru but doing a circle…ha, ha, ha! I’m going to cheat and stop and change direction on you every time I get behind your back because I say trot shmot too bitch and it’s funny!”

5: Send your horse thru the trench ditch with the tarp: Kiko says, “I will go, I will go, I don’t like it but I will go…Okay I’m halfway thru and I see water on the top so I must JUMP out the side of the trench….twice”

6: Cross the tire bridge: Kiko says: “I like bridges, I like tires, I like wood planks, I like to go over them.” (singing in his head when he goes over it)

7: Send your horse thru the cowboy curtain: Kiko says: ” I LIKE NOODLES AND PLASTIC HANGY THINGS!”

8: Stand at the trailer at the cone and trailer load your horse: Kiko says: “Even though I trailer load like a champ, I ain’t goin in there cuz it smells funny….NOPE NO WAY NO HOW!!!”


Obsticle 1: Enter area, jump 3 jumps in a row at your gait: Kiko says “Yes please I love jumping but I want to do the first two at a standstill walk over….thanks, the last one I will LEAP like a magic Leprachon over….just to shake things up.”

2: Stop horse with front feet between cones: Kiko says: “Seriously, this is childsplay.”

3: Go over the teeter totter bridge: Kiko says ” Oh! This again…I love this frickin bridge, it’s so cool, it’s up, then it’s down….interesting!”

4: Pick up the windsock at the fence; Kiko says: “Ooooh pretty colors, put it on my face!!!”

5: Back in between rails to mail box, place windsock in mailbox: Kiko says: “Again with the backing in YOUR state….screw that and did I mention I don’t like these plastic poles around my FEET! Oh all right I’ll back, Oh! Your turning me around, I like that….the mailbox smells good….what are you doing….get that thing in there and lets go!”

6: Dismount and ground tie your horse in the cones and move the wheelbarrel around the square. Kiko says: What Stay? Really…..Um okay, oh! your distracted? Cool I’m going over there while you a messing with that thing to eat grass while everyone laughs at us.”

7: Open and close arena gate: Kiko says: Open? Sure, just lemme slam my shoulder into the rails first, ah shit…that didn’t get it open, swing it bitch! I’m not pushing it with my chest for crying out loud…..Okay we are out, ah closing it? No….I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense today.”

8: Go thru the ditch with the tarp: Kiko says: “Lets change this to dance around it, stare and snake my head at the ditch and we can call it completed K?…Oh sure, I can sidepass it while snorting..sure!”

9: Pick up the bag of cans on the first barrel, go over the three logs and place the bag of cans on the second barrel. Kiko says: “Um logs…um…Okay sure….oh! That thing makes noise, yes, lets carry it and place it on the next barrel!”

10: Sidepass your horse between the poles and the tires: Kiko says: “Sidepass no, but hold a bend and go in a diagnal but totally sideways? SURE!”

11: Ride thru the red spools into the ditch and out the other side: Kiko says: “What the hell have I told you about ditches woman? No, HELL to the no, that’s a big step down.”

12: Cross the tire bridge: Kiko says: “I like bridges, I like tires, I like wood planks, I like to go over them.” (singing in his head when he goes over it)

13: Ride thu the cowboy curtain at your levels gait: ” I LIKE NOODLES AND PLASTIC HANGY THINGS!…..but I’m walkin, not trotting loser.”

14: Dismount at the cone and trailer load your horse: Kiko says: “I already told you….No, oh all right, I’ll put two feet in and let you pat my ass.”

All in all he did really great! Considering how anxious I was, we didn’t get everything done but we did what we could and we worked pretty good together….after everything, the BEST part of the day happened.

While dropping off my friends horse, we tied Kiko to the trailer. He’s really efficient at getting ropes lose, even when you tie them to tighten if the horse pulls on it, Kiko will losen it at the other end to get more line. He did this, then right when I looked over at him he craned his neck over inside the trailer and got his halter twisted in one of the hooks on the side of the trailer. His first reaction was to pull back and he rocked the trailer. I initially had my hands fly up but stopped…..and he stopped too, I walked forward, stuffing all my panic down and I could tell he was doing the same, I started crooning “Gooooood Booooy!” in a low voice and he was just frozen….a little worried but NOT reacting. My buddy Kelly at the same time came up and untied where the lead rope was on the trailer as I reached my fingers in the halter and un hooked him. The entire time Kiko stood totally still and when three people came to “save” him he was calm. He lifted his head and looked around like “AH, thanks….I was in a jam there.”

I have known a lot of stories about similar instances, horses getting caught, horses losing eyes, horses falling down or breaking things in the same situations and I accredit this all to Kiko being SUCH A THINKER….that he didn’t freak out even though he wanted to….wheeeeew…..what a good boy! Crisis averted because of his ability to think his way out of it. I also have to give credit to my friend Kelly who has had trailer loading problems like her mare taking her eye out and her baby getting stuck on her old trailer….even with those scary instances under her belt, she didn’t get scared, she just untied him and kept very quiet and calm for Kiko, enhancing his calm. I was most proud of that moment. For Kiko, for Kelly, for Stefanie and for me. Getting out of a problem like this is what all this training, obsticle running, desensitization and everything we do is for. It’s fun and I think we just proved it’s 100% worth it.




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One Response to MEAA day

  1. rontuaru says:

    Good work! Sounds like this gives you a pretty good idea of what you need to work on more. Still, I bet there are always some surprises. Yay for the good outcome at the end!

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