Sometimes they are screaming at us as we scratch our heads.

My friends horse is a young Nokota she got off the prairie after working with him at the North Dakota clinic last year.

She’s had some trouble with saddle fit, nothing seems to really fit him well. He’s got some big shoulders and shoulder blades and finding something with enough clearance in the shoulders has been a problem, plus he’s only 3 so he’s still growing.

I think we have had about 20 different saddles on him.

She put her extra wide mule tucker saddle on him and he started to buck. He started to buck every time she would put it on him and ask for the canter from the trot. So she stopped and we scratched our heads because he didn’t look afraid, he didn’t even look all that bothered or worried. We would stop and he would be fine.

We were worried that it had turned into a trained response…that we actually trained that into him to buck when asking for the canter and now it’s just become the “thing” to do. He doesn’t do it with nothing on him or when the bareback pad is on, only with the saddle.

Well, the other day…she comes in with another saddle….It still wasn’t a perfect fit but it was pretty damned close. NO bucking at all, no running forward, no trying to escape…nothing.

We realized he was screaming at us about the tucker. We hadn’t been listening to him before so he was just getting louder and louder about it until we noticed!

We felt pretty dumb after that. Like we should be in the corner with dunce hats on but he didn’t seem to hold on to it, He just seemed happy we finally got the point. He’s such a little trooper.



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  1. Please pass this blog I follow to your friend. She will gain incredible knowledge from this site. For instance, never shoe a Nokota horse, hoof care,training, etc.

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