Confidence no. 2

I put a post out a while ago about Confidence being shaken after coming off a 5 year old part Nokota horse.

It was my fault for making assumptions on his training but it still shook me.

I decided this would not stop me. I am not a horseperson that’s satisfied with staying on the ground forever.

Ground games are great! But in my opinion they are just a way to improve communication in the saddle.

So I knew I had to get back up on this un-gentled Nokota.

I worked the foundation, we found a language and although we have so much more to go thru on the ground I got back up on this horse.

Keeping my feelings at bay because I knew they would be all over the charts I somehow shut everything off to the horse except the positive this is just what we do feeling that I was trying to portray to him. Somehow, he got it…I was able to jump up multiple times, lay on him and swing my leg over to sit on him…we sat there for a few minutes and he was just fine! I jumped back off and everything was cool.

I let my feelings go right at that moment and I was trembling, my hands were shaking and I was laughing at how hard I had repressed what I was actually feeling…and successfully! I was both surprised at how strong the emotions were and how well I did at putting them aside…not for me, but for the horse, to help him understand this is all cool.

I’ve heard great horseman say you have to keep your emotions in check, you can’t get upset, you can’t get mad, because this all takes away from what you are trying to teach the horse. It’s not about what you are doing to the horse but rather what you are trying to do FOR the horse so your emotions need to be non existent except for the positive ones…this was the first time I really felt that and saw the results.

I need to really focus on this in our next steps and I’m very excited about continuing this experience for him. This guy has the potential to do anything and the attitude to just go with the flow. My next steps will include direction and cadence and then eventually the saddle again and I have a pretty good idea that if we can keep this up, we will not have the blow up we did last time.


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