First spring ride and an amazing horse

I am marveling over how great a horse I have…

We just did our first spring ride of 2013 and after almost 3 years I’m still amazed at how our relationship is growing.

The weather was decent…windy but okay and the footing was finally good, so I took Kiko out to the front of the barn where all of a sudden everything was all new again. LOL He’s seen it a thousand times but he’s gotta re check everything out…So I let him. I saddle him out while he’s munching some hay in the “new” area.

He’s still hyper alert so we do a few circles focusing on getting his whole head in the circles so I know we have some semblance of a connection before getting on. I mean I know this is Kik but I want him to have his head in the game as well so I make sure we have something before I mount up…which I do, so I did.

Behind every tree he seems convinced there is something lurking about so we had to stop a lot but being the awesome boy he is, we get to move on. and on. and on.

We get past the barking dogs without issue, I’m glad he totally ignores them now.

We get up the long driveway into the open field and I tell him it’s okay to graze…he’s still UP I can feel it, the energy is just..well “twitchy” is the best way I can describe it.

Because he is so wonderful though, totally concerned about me and wants to make sure I understand what he’s feeling, he does this: Abruptly raises his head and SLOWLY moves his front end towards the way back to the barn and takes two steps. To which I ask him to stay here and maybe eat a little more which he does. We did this 3 -4 times before I said “Okay, that’s good” and he again slowly turns barn wards and heads down the driveway.

Then he wants to run back to the barn of course but instead of running, he I ask him to slow down until we are trotting at a walk pace and I realize this is pretty close to a Piaffe! That made me laugh and I thought GOOD! When I get around to teaching him that at least I know he can do it already. I asked him again for the walk and we walked calmly back the long driveway to the barn.

Any other horse in this circumstance may have bolted and ran full on to the barn but not my boy…No other horse I can think of that I know personally today would have made sure I understood what he wanted by moving in slow motion making sure to make me know what it was he wanted and no other horse that I can think of would have had enough of a head on them to make sure even when scared and really just wanted to go back to safety to make sure that the “rider” was okay too with everything that was going on.

He is a true super horse…I know everyone says that but I feel that to the bones with Kiko. It would not have been this way 3 years ago, so it makes me feel like I’m doing something right even as little as that is like on the days I go out just to say Hi because the weather or footing is too bad to do anything really outside. Something is “right” between us. I feel like he thinks I’m a friend and I’m seeing so many rewards out of the friendship just because we both are trying…even when we don’t understand eachother the try seems to be there and it works…it just works.

Even when I come away thinking I am a failure and I don’t understand horses at all…I come back with more TRY and he seems to match it like it’s no big deal to try to meet my try and we both benefit.

I have a superstar and we will go far just because of the horse he is and his willingness to try when I do. I honestly get flabbergasted when I think about how awesome this really is. How could I NOT say I have the best horse in the world after experiences like this?

March2 2013 077

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One Response to First spring ride and an amazing horse

  1. horses are such amazing creatures! magnificent and loyal!

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