Rambling of a madwoman driven insane by the MN winter.

March2 2013 025

I am climbing up the walls in my own head right now.

This winter has sucked….to phrase it mildly. I know most of the people that don’t live in a climate as harsh as MN think that’s what we must say all the time, all winter long but really we don’t, it’s not usually this bad…but this year winter is just droning on and on and on. Not only that, I hardly rode this winter at all which is not like me to do. I’m an all year around rider!

Typically, a MN winter with horses isn’t all that bad, yeah you have to watch out for ice and take it easy in the snow, make sure you aren’t riding in ditches in case there’s something hidden but you can still ride. You bundle up, get on all your awesome super spendy outdoor wear and put on your layers of smartwool and usually you are golden.

But it’s been super shitty this year. Periods of snow, then melting by the sun or moisture then frigid freezing then snow, then melt then ice again, in this never ending routine. Making it impossible to ride because it’s so slippery out all the time this year.

It’s been so frustrating! I’ve never been “grounded” this long since I’ve been back into horses. This all started two days ago, the ground was totally clear, not a snowbank in sight and the forecast said snow…I thought okay, a little snow but it will melt soon enough…I have two feet of snow covering my yard right now and it hasn’t really stopped snowing since then. I feel like I’m crazy right now. It IS mid April right? I mean all of my friends, family and co-workers really didn’t trick me into thinking time passed sooner than I thought in the most elaborate prank of the century right?

I’m going out tomorrow, it’s supposed to warm up a little like 35 degrees out. I don’t expect we will be able to do much but just being with the horses and my boy Kiko will make me feel better.

The worst part is I think I’m starting to take it out on other people.

Today one of my friends posted something on facebook about the Clinton Anderson Hobbling incident where one of the horses in his training program died, it was hobbled and left un-attended. My friend said she thought that was negligent, I agreed and got blasted for saying so by her friends. My post wasn’t even rude, but I got back the “YOU should do this and YOU shouldn’t do that and “Almost all trainers”, “I’ll hobble all of my animals” kinda stuff, you know the finger pointing and broad statements that are usually not true.

Now, I do have to say, I don’t know all the specifics sure, they are right about that but honestly, I can’t imagine hobbling a horse in training in the first place since I think desensitizing them in safer manners is better anyway even though it takes longer and then leaving it alone? How is that not negligence? I know people that won’t even leave their horse tied to a hitching post for safety reasons. So I really was shocked at the responses I got. It made me mad….and well…sad to see there are still a lot of people out there that are just set on the final goal, not the journey to get there. People that aren’t interested in taking the time to work on something to get that final result without psychological or physical harm.

I had a ton of responses run thou my head:

“Yeah? You gonna hobble your cat?”

“Almost all trainers huh? I know 20 trainers and none of them hobble so if we are talking percentages…..”

“Last I checked, you weren’t my mom….mom? do you care if I have an opinion about this?….No? Oh that’s right, she doesn’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do anymore since I’m grown.”

“Your telling me I shouldn’t say this and shouldn’t make judgement yet you don’t know me and my experience so what degree do you hold that makes you able to judge me…because apparently I need one of those.”

” I judge everything and everybody on common sense…, sorry you didn’t meet the criteria to keep you in the safe zone. :D”

“Well then I thank God I am not one of your animals….or your friends”

“Your horses are too good to hate you, but I’m not”

and my favorite

“Fuck off nincompoop whores”

I did none of those of course because everything I thought of sounded defensive and like my dad told me years ago “You can’t reason with the unreasonable.” I didn’t need to feel defensive yet my responses would have sounded like I was and that’s when I realized how irritated I was not only at people who think archaic methods of training any animal is still okay but just in general. I don’t need to validate myself to facebook know-it-all’s. That’s just preposterous. So I didn’t reply. Let them have the last word or feel like they one upped someone…that’s probably all they have going for them anyway which is why they are on facebook scanning for someone to argue with.

I have something else and I’m seeing him tomorrow rain, hail, sleet or snow, I get to see my baby tomorrow and I know for a fact he will be happy to see me. Open barn, no stalls, 8 other horses &  an open field and my guy walks right up to greet me and nickers when he sees me…I don’t need anything more than that.

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  1. MN means Minnesota?

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