I DARE you.

I know for a fact horse-people in general think they have the bead on horses or horsemanship. 

We think we have done enough research, we have done enough riding, have a fantastical trainer, had seen enough or have had enough experience to make definitive decisions about what we think or feel about horses. 

Let me say first…I understand. I used to be one of those people that thought what I knew was what was right about horses. 

Luckily I was proven wrong, and even more luckily, I was open enough to realize I was wrong. 

I have met so many people in my horsemanship experience that can’t let go of the ego or whatever it is that keeps them contained in the little close minded boxes they place themselves in thinking their way is the best way. It’s disheartening but thankfully, I meet people from time to time that can allow themselves to think progressively when it comes to horses and horsemanship. 

This is an ongoing process for everyone, and the only way we can be receptive enough to gather this information is to be open enough to realize that we may be WRONG about things…even the things we thought were hands down truth before. 

Being a true horseman is not about learning what you know very well, it’s about the ongoing journey we take to try what we need for the horse we have the day we show up. 

It’s about learning both the bad and the good about the particularity we choose to do with our horse, it’s about learning about good health, good trimming, good vet care, good worming and vaccination schedules, feed, saddle fit and exercises for our horses. It’s about realizing our horses are not all the same and needs are different and can change by the minute and being able to be the type of leader to conform to those changes by the minute. It’s about riding the balance of being a good leader as opposed to a dictator. It’s about learning from multiple instructors instead of just one or one that’s “renowned” at the moment. 

I DARE any horse-person out there to keep learning, keep experiencing and step outside the boxes we so easily put ourselves in for the sake of our horses and ourselves! 

Do it…Do it today, do it tomorrow…whatever, just take the challenge and DO IT…I guarantee it will make you a better horse person and your horse will notice you are trying to change and they will try to meet you halfway. It’s in their nature, I assure you. They try when you try…if you try a little and get no response…try MORE…this can be a literal gauge to how far apart you and your horse actually are and can be the tool that brings you together.

Learn learn learn and try try try and you will get better results. I DARE everyone who dares gets up on a horse to do this. 

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