Always surprising me

Today, I was feeling some horse withdraw so I went out to spend some time with the horses.

Stef was acclimating them to grass today and we were up to 45 minutes. With this crazy spring the grass started to finally grow and for all you non MN people. Minnesota has the lushest, most potent grass which causes colic in hundreds of horses every year when not acclimated correctly. It’s a process, 15 minutes one day 1/2 hour the next etc. etc. I’m sure other places must have to do the same thing and some places may not need it but it’s essential here in MN to introduce it slowly.

So it was time to let them out on the grass third day in the process. The way the barn is set up, they have the barn and a small pasture that’s not grassy which runs alongside the outdoor arena and on the other side of the arena is the small area that’s fenced off from the rest of the pasture for them to graze.

Bear was the smart one…he followed us into the arena and out the back gate…well the other horses went apeshit in the adjoining pasture seeing that he could eat but they couldn’t.

They started racing around like crazy bucking and kicking at each other acting all wild. So I got in the pasture with them to drive them away from the fence. That was exhilarating! Then not only were they reacting to each other but also me, I’d drive them away and they would full out run the pasture and back stopping just in time to not hit the fence and myself…As I walked further up, they seemed to get more hyper. It was SO much fun to see all the exuberance and playfulness spring brings. They figured it out and ran thru the outdoor arena and out into the small pasture enclosure.

The thing that got me though is I learned that I can’t make concrete judgments on horses.

Stef’s old riding horse has coffin bone damage which causes him to go lame from time to time, her two rescue horses have other ailments…one being so bad this winter she could barely move without looking uncomfortable, my buddies 24 year old horse has arthritis…all four of those horses were racing about today having the time of their lives. The 24 year old was running faster than I have ever seen her move before today…faster even than some of the young whipper snapper horses. The one that could barely move this winter, that Stef put on some supplements looked like a colt just out having fun bucking and running with ease!

It was awe inspiring but also taught me that having these four horses in my mental box thinking they would probably never get over their physical ailments was totally false.

I learned today that I can’t be concrete about them, they will always have the capacity to surprise me. Much to my joy…I learned I was wrong and I couldn’t be happier about being wrong.

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