Hard time backing up what I previously was sold into.

I’ve been wanting to post something about this for a long, LONG time…however I was resistant. 

Thinking that I may not know enough, thinking that it’s a BIG following and thinking It would be received negatively. 

BUT, even with all that doubt, I feel the need to post what I believe now hoping it may help someone somewhere in my prior position, even if it’s met with major resistance. Hoping that in some way, some how, it may reach the people that are looking further into horsemanship, looking to further themselves and how they interact with their own personal horses and accelerate their own knowledge on the path I’ve chosen for myself. It may be a very small percentage but that percentage is worth the chance. Just like a comedian performing on stage, you can chose to get offended or chose to appreciate the overall message and laugh or learn from how we already think and chose to decide if it’s something we should look more into or not. 

Let me say first that the introduction into Parelli was where I started and it gave me a GREAT base of understanding and trying to think like my horse does. I honestly appreciate that’s where I started getting back into horsemanship after so many years. I was raised in kind of an old fashioned manner around horses, but I was reintroduced by a Parelli student that said I could work with her horse the way that she wanted and that was the Parelli way. I learned from her. Everything was new and different but I tried my hardest and changed everything about my thinking and my ways to the Parelli way and was happy. I LOVED Pat Parelli and Linda, and what they stood for! I wanted for it to get bigger and bigger and spread across the world that there was a better way! The message was pure and awesome in the true sense of the word. My horsemanship at 1 year was better than some at 20 years…not trying to boast but it was exactly what I was looking for, how to fix or work thru problems with the horse just like a dog in training ( I do dog training on the side from time to time) getting inside the horses head and trying to meet them halfway using their language, fixing behavioral problems and finding the root. Parelli taught me a LOT at phase one. 

I can’t take away from my Parelli base but I can say that that’s where it ended. I learned very quickly that you had to pay for more and the “more” was really what you needed to excel. I learned later to my displeasure that level 1-2 was different to level 3 and 4 and more…each level is a level of refinement that you needed to pay for to really get to where you and your horse needed to be. In reality these refinements should be taking place one week to the next but the way the program is set up it could be months or YEARS before you got to the next level where the information was shared. 

This was not enough for me. I’m the type of person where when I learn something, I’m looking for the next step. I can’t spend the $200-$400 dollars for the online or video instruction that quite literally contradicts the previous information with aspects of refining the information. I like HANDS ON….hands on training in the palms of someone that is an expert, training me directly and telling me what I am doing correctly or incorrectly. 

I have an ego with horses like most people do, I however decide that my ego is totally dispensable if I have ANY hope of ever improving my horsemanship. I know what I am being told is completely different from what I was told before but I can’t hold on to that…I can’t hold on to the old way of doing things when there is a possibility of doing a way that’s better. I can’t let ego and prior knowledge cloud what could be.

For whatever reason, because my horse trainer Jerusha is extremely astute, she convinced me to try the Nokota Experience, working with the wild North Dakota horses who haven’t had human contact. From her I met Jack Lieser.


This exceptional trainer Jack Lieser taught me in one clinic everything and more that I could have learned from doing all the Parelli levels including attending their hands on training at their site which is thousands of dollars and time in FOUR days for much less. 

I actually know Parelli stared trainers, in their training program that can’t really even comprehend the information we received in just ONE of Jack’s lessons. 

Jack Lieser has the ability to put together and train us into being better horseman as we are going to make it so effective the very first time we encounter a wild horse that you learn to trust the program…Jack’s program. 

You not only learn to be a better horseman, but you learn how to take it back to your own horse, even when you are like me and totally trust your horse…maybe more than we should. You learn better feel, better timing and better energy and basically how to have your BEST horse from day 1…even if it’s a young colt ready to be started right at the beginning. It’s not about levels, it’s about quality regardless of what point you are at. He gives you ALL the information you need to not only improve yourself but also your horse at the same time so you grow together! 

Like I said before, I understand what the Parelli program is meant for, mostly you…what they call the back yard horseman…but it doesn’t teach you refinement at the first steps, that’s exactly what Jack teaches us. Regardless of what kind of horse owner you are, what stage you are at, he can teach skills we didn’t know were possible to make horse and owner grow together and excel. 

I know this from personal experience working with the wild horses of North Dakota..the Nokotas but I’ve been able to take it back to my domestic horse too and it’s catapulted us into an arena that most people can’t even dream of. I have the perfect horse…does he have a perfect rider? Not yet but I am determined to be that since he is like Jack says, “My best horse.” 

I’m working on the goal of being a better horseperson for the sake of my horse. 

I can honestly say that although I was previously sold on the Parelli program that the type of refinement up front, the quality of time I need to make sure I am getting the communication and the ability to be dynamic with my horse isn’t there, the progression my horse needs to not be bored and think I’m an idiot is more of Jack’s way then the way I was previously accustomed to. 

At this point I can see no other way. My horse’s and my relationship was way slower before, but now it’s accelerated and he’s so elated to learn something new that he inspires me. I can’t stop trying, I can’t stop learning and this is the pace that excites my horse so this is the only way I can see continuing. I can’t go back to what I previously was 100% sold on because I have found a better way. There is no going back…only forward, after 5 very affordable clinics and heading to my sixth this June. This is the only way forward for me. 








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5 Responses to Hard time backing up what I previously was sold into.

  1. explorehorse says:

    I think a good teacher helps you develop yourself and your horse sense, not sell you gimmicks. Learning is a continuous process of letting go of the old, thanks for having the courage to say what you think 🙂

  2. nokotahorse says:

    To learn about horses it is an advantage if one have the chance to work with horses, that give a clean response, the Nokota horses do just that, so I know you are on the right track. Well written and good explanations!

  3. What a great opportunity this must be…

  4. DawnSeeker says:

    As a farrier, I’ve seen “failed” Parelli tactics that ended up getting me slammed and hurt. Mostly, newbie owners who practice a portion of what he teaches. The only problem, the horse doesn’t believe what they do/say, and offers the ignorant owner the “middle hoof” — and they don’t have the (excuse me,) ‘savvy’ to even know that there is a problem. And then when someone actually comes along and asks for their horse’s cooperation, the horse expects the same “no follow-through” game, and then gets pissed that the “rules” have changed. Dangerous, actually.

    So I commend your courage in moving on. I’ve also know of many others who, sadly, had to admit the Parelli gimmicks outweighed the education. I used to be in a New Age cult. I know!

    • eduequine says:

      I feel your pain…er actually I see it! My friend and partner in crime with horses is a trimmer and she gets the same thing. It can be kind of scary and I honestly admire you guys and your guts for dealing with that!

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