Bringing the Nokota’s home

I’m super excited! The NHC (Nokota Horse Conservancy) has allowed us to take a project horse home. 

Four NHC board members including myself (Oh, that’s the other news, I just got voted on the board! Yay…mini celebration dance)….will work with the Nokota horse, Marmalade over the next few months putting everything we can into this beautiful boy and hopefully find him a great home by the end of summer. 

I’m very happy for this opportunity and excited about the outcome. The others I’m working with, two are trainers and the other is a fantastic colt starter that could be a trainer if she so chose to be. She’s setting up a new blog called the “Nokota horse project” It’s not up yet but coming very soon, we will be tracking our progress and new revelations on that page. I’ll also probably be posting here as well just because I won’t be able to help myself. 

Now what’s better then that news? How about DOUBLE the horse? At the last moment it was decided another Nokota, Hawk was coming home with us too! We have yet to see if he also will be a project horse or if one of our group will keep them for themselves which is a real possibility since one of us is drawn to him on a more than professional level. I can’t say I blame her either since he’s an older youngin…so he’s already filled out and beautiful and has a pretty nice demeanor from what I could tell in the clinic last week.

More to come soon!






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