Energy up Energy down

So this past weekend, My most awesome trainer Jack Lieser had me working on Energy up Energy down when communicating with my horse. 

I asked him to help me because when we stopped…Kiko would stop very flat and hard and my butt comes out of the saddle and slams back down every time..jamming my back and probably his. 

So Jack had me go thru what I normally do to get him to stop and after a short conversation he pointed out to me that I was lying to my horse….turns out I was never fully shutting down my energy when I asked him to stop..I had all these ques, pulling the reign, sitting in the saddle or before that, peg legging it….and he said to me “how often do we pay attention to liers?” I was like “Well, never really, we learn to ignore them.” So he gently told me…”If your energy never comes down or even rises when you ask for a stop (which it does if we are cantering and I can’t stop him) why wouldn’t your horse learn to ignore you?” 

Holy cow! I had never thought of it like that…he was totally right, I was lying to my horse thou my energy! I never shut off when I ask him to stop and sometimes panic if I can’t get him to stop or if I get worried he’s going to take a jump I don’t want to or something when I ask him to slow down or stop…I WAS lying to my horse. 

So we worked on Energy up, Energy down….getting my horse to feel my energy, I’d offer the stop, if he didn’t take it, we would keep trotting or cantering…all this was done without the reins entirely. I had my hands on my legs. Finally he picked up on the slowdown and eventually the stop. 

It was amazing, after that he was picking up on everything I was feeling. He WAS my legs and he was my willing and relaxed happy partner. It was so freeing and I felt more connected to him than I ever had before. 

I can’t wait to do more with him on this. 

Today I was at the MN state fair. My sister and I always go thru the animal barns and after being at a fair with the Nokota’s and seeing first hand everything the animals have to deal with I thought what a perfect opportunity to work on Energy up, Energy down on lots of different prey animals. So I started working with it. 

In the horse barn, I was able to connect with a bunch of Percherons who were willing to blow in my nose as I did the same to them, I even got a fews attention who were ignoring other people and my first rule was I wouldn’t touch if the animal wasn’t accepting of it. This seemed to work very well, not only with the horses but also with Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, a bunny and an Alpaca. 

I had encounters today I had never experienced with animals before just by working on this. 

I had a cow lick me all over my arm while asking me to scratch everywhere, she reminded me so much of my horse showing how much she was enjoying it…I’ve never seen a cow be so expressive, I had a baby calf suck on my fingers after asking for a scratch. A pig drank water from my hand, a sheep asked me to rub him under his hood all over his face which they are usually very sensitive about, the alpaca refused to leave me because it didn’t want to be molested by the just out of reach hands of others and a goat licked my nose and face it seemed just for fun. 

I really couldn’t believe the results I was getting today using the energy up energy down that I should be using with horses all the time and it was all positive…even the animals that weren’t interested in attention I would stop and pull away and they would look like “really? you heard me? That’s great!” 

I was so impressed with the results…and I know how new agey it all sounds but it was working so well I really felt them, I felt their energy and was so excited when they would feel back to me and I would actually recognize it. 

I can’t wait to practice again with my horse! I can actually shut down more now and feel my energy better by just having this experimental day under my belt. Now I just hope he thinks I’ve gotten better with it! 

We will see. 


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