Steady and True

So I hear a lot of people in this horse life say they have the most awesome horse. Some times I do doubt them not because I’m a cynic (which I am) but because I’ve met their horses and I wouldn’t chose them as my own. 

I do realize what a bitch statement that sounds like but the one thing I’ve learned in all my recent experiences is what kind of horse I would NOT like. Unfortunately that means most of the domestic horses I have met. Granted, I have not met everyone’s horse and can be mistaken at any point in time, I just haven’t been yet. 

My horse yesterday endured a very long slow trip through rush hour traffic in road construction here in Minnesota and for everyone that doesn’t live here….you may have heard that saying there are two season’s in Minnesota…Winter and Road Construction…that’s pretty much true and this year the DOT went overboard and it’s a pain in the ass for everyone! 

Anyway, we ended up moving Kiko (my horse) and Blue, Kelly’s Nokota from Hugo to Prior Lake yesterday. It took forever, Blue, being a super smart horse that was obviously bored during the trip, somehow was able to lift the partition that was between himself and Kiko up so high that it fell to the ground and landed on Kiko sometime during the ride. When we arrived home we saw the gate leaning fully on Kiko in the trailer and it hit me…and has not left my mind that my horse is so super smart and calm that instead of freaking out and going into a kicking, bucking fit that could have resulted in damage or death to one or both horses, he just dealt with it like a champion and waited for the people to “save” him from his uncomfortable situation. This is NOT the first time he’s shown his unbelievable faith in humans and not reacted to reactive situations, and also why he’s owned the endearing nickname Kelly and I call him when he’s babysitting the much younger Nokota’s ( Uncle Kiko )…he calmly waited for us to fix the gate before unloading and then understood it was his time to get out, which he did without stress or incident. 

I say it a LOT I know and I KNOW a lot of horse people think this about their horses as well but I can’t say their horses would be able to handle the things my horse can and does. With all the things that could have and probably would have happened with any other horse in that same situation I can’t say it would have ended up the same way. 

I have an amazing Steady and True horse and his spirit did not need to be broken to be that way. He loves people, he seeks interaction and looks at us to help him in difficult situations, he looks out for people on his back and genuinely seems to care about his relationships with us…I have never met another hose like him. He is the most Steady and True horse I know. I can’t get over how cool that is and how much it means to me that he is. 

There are a ton of ribbons out there for all sorts of things, I honestly think my horse deserves a blue ribbon (or whatever is the best) for being Steady and True. 

He’s a definite winner in my book. 


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