Nokota Horses in need

So I debated on the way to get this out best……

Honestly, it’s hard for me asking people for money for any reason…even when my kids were selling candy bars for some fundraiser or other at school…I was kind of like, Whatever….who cares.

Until now….I actually care. The Nokota Horse Conservancy is in dire need of funding to keep the herd through the winter. I would not post something such as this if I didn’t know this for a certainty. We need help.

I am not willing personally, to lose this breed of historical horse. Even if this pisses others off! To preface my comment to follow, I HAVE a domestic horse, I LOVE my domestic horse and I wouldn’t trade him in for anything because of the connection I have with him. BUT…what I have learned with “regular” domestic horses, they are not the same as the Nokota’s.

The Nokota horse is on average, is the most willing, the smartest, the quickest learner and the calmest breed I have ever met. Once they truly bond with their human, they are pretty much bomb proof. Strong bodied, strong boned and intelligent, what horse person in their right mind wouldn’t want a Nokota. Please understand too, I’m not saying our domestic breeds can’t be like this…my horse is. He’s the closest domestic to a Nokota wild horse that I’ve ever met, but in saying that, looking at all my friends horses that they LOVE dearly and all the horses placed on like craigslist or any of the facebook resources, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be looking there if I was in the position of replacing my horse. I’d be looking for something more like him, I’d be looking at a Nokota.

This breed is in danger due to lack of funding, but the Nokota Horse Conservancy has come up with a way for everyone to help. They have the Nokota Circle of Life…it’s a membership for $25 to sponsor the Nokota’s for 1 year with a complimentary edition of the Nokota newsletter.  Please, anyone who cares for preserving history, preserving a breed that’s worth being sustained and supported consider pledging a $25 dollar donation to support the NHC in keeping their herd and allowing these magnificent horses a chance to survive and be as free as they were meant to be in nature yet meet their life partners in the best relationships of their lives. For them and us, please consider a small $25 donation to the NHC to help the horses, and us… and people yet to become aware of this amazing breed.

Visit to contribute to the future of this breed.

Thank you.

Jen McLaughlin-Perez

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