Because my horse is awesome.

So I haven’t posted in a while, crazy schedule and holidays and all.

I had to post this though. 

The other day, I was out to spend time with Kiko. He was moved just under a month ago to this new barn. This was his third time in the indoor arena since we got there. 

We had the boys in the arena and they had been in there for about a 1/2 hour, we were just doing a light workout since it was only 1 degree out, we weren’t going to try to work up a sweat, just move them around a bit to encourage the gut to work better and prevent stocking up in the legs. Kiko is a little stocked up so we walk/trotted him around for a bit. 

Kelly was talking to me, I was facing the west wall of the barn, Kiko was due south and Kelly was NW of me which is where all my attention was so I was totally being negligent in paying attention to my horse while carrying on a conversation. Rookie move I know! 

So my left shoulder was directly in line with my horse and my head was almost completely over my right. 

The little friendly black cat that likes to run in and greet people snuck in the barn directly in line behind Kiko. 

Even though it was probably 10 yards away, as any normal horse would do, seeing some little ground predator skulking towards it,  Kiko spooked. 

However, Immediately after spooking which made him propel himself forward even in this panic mode and even though we had less than 10 feet in between us, he had enough reason and sense to stop himself from running me over when he felt my hood under his chin and instead took one step in front of my body and stopped dead before colliding with me! 

I said to Kelly, “Holy crap! Did you see that?” She laughed and said “Yeah” I couldn’t believe I wasn’t run over, I’m convinced had I made that mistake with any other horse I would have been on the ground. He’s incredible, to have that much awareness of me even when my focus is totally off him…I am not only very lucky….but also convinced I have the most awesome horse ever. 


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