Steger Mukluks for Equine activity in the Winter

I have gone 6 winters with frozen toes trying all sorts of different boots. 

Last year I just chalked it up to having poor circulation in my feet or something because a lot of boots that have worked for others have not worked for me. 

I was fine with this last year but this year having some exceptionally cold weather I started my search again because there had to be something out there made for people who have colder than normal feet. 

A friend of mine has been saying for 4 years now “Get some Mukluks” ……they were so expensive though, $170 is the going price for these boots and I hadn’t been willing to part with that kinda money over some boots that would get all icky at the barn anyway. 

After asking her about them again and telling her I was afraid of paying that kinda money to have them not work, she told me something that sold me on them. She said regular boots work like a horse shoe on a horse. The non flexible sole just radiates the cold to your foot and doesn’t allow movement, but the mukluks are like having a bare foot on a horse, it allows the normal compression and retraction the foot is designed for and the movement and flex needed to balance when you hit the ground with your foot keeps them warmer. Plus for us humans, we get all the extra wool they put inside the boot. 

This did kind of make sense to me since I notice, when I’m at work, sitting in my chair, my feet are cold even with my heater on in my office, yet if I do yoga, my feet are warm for hours afterwards. 

So I did it, I bought some, but I got the ones designed for real arctic weather, in fact, they are called the Arctic. They are rated at -20 degrees. I wanted some serious boots to match my seriously temperature sensitive feet. 

I LOVE these boots and let me tell you, they live up to the hype…totally. 

It feels like I’m wearing a slipper, they are light and comfortable and most of all really flexible, I can feel what’s under my feet. I’m usually pretty clutzy but I haven’t stumbled in these yet…I’m sure I will because I’m just like that but they seem to give me better feel so I don’t trip. If I step on a rock, or more likely a frozen turd, I can feel my foot kinda wrap around it and I can weight myself to stay upright instead of tripping like I normally do. The warmth…let me tell you, I am ecstatic about how warm my feet are in these boots, so comfortable, more comfortable than when I wear my smartwool socks with slippers at home! 

Today I went out to the barn with my Sister who had “warm” boots and two pairs of socks, when she said she was done because she could’t feel her feet (used to be me saying this before she got too cold) I did a check on my own feet and how they felt and I said “HA! I love these boots! If my feet were any warmer, they would be sweating!!” 

They work, I am living, previously Skeptical proof these boots are worth every single penny I spent on them. If they also hold up to the Eleven years people claim they are good for, then I got a STEAL on these well made boots. 

If they didn’t have the ranch on them, I’d probably be wearing them in the house and everywhere else I go. I get excited when I get to put them on, that may make me a geek but I am a warm comfortable and super happy geek that gets to stay out longer now to spend time with my horse because of these Steger Mukluks! 

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2 Responses to Steger Mukluks for Equine activity in the Winter

  1. Helpful review. My feet are always a problem in winter at the barn. I’ve tried all sorts of sock configurations. Good to know they work for you!

    • eduequine says:

      Trust me, I know your pain…literally, I’ve gotten to frostbite zone many times. With these, I just need one pair of wool socks and I’m good to go. I used to have to wear 3 socks under my sorrels and even then I would get cold. I am in heaven with these though.

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