Just a bitch….

Yes, that’s exactly what this is…

I may be abusing my blog saying this but you know that grumpy cat that’s so cute and has the best mad faced cat expression ever? That’s pretty much me this winter. 

If they could translate that look, I swear it would be my crabby wrinkled nose, crossed browed, pouty, pissed off face. 

I live in Minnesota. A lot of people bitch about the weather. People romanticize when the first flakes fall but it quickly becomes “oh my god, can you believe how cold it is?” or “Can you believe how much snow we have?” ….I always think “Yeah, I can because we live in fucking Minnesota…this is expected and since most of you have lived here all your life how can you possibly think this is news?” 

It’s cold, we are northerners, (like the Stark’s in Winterfell) we are hard, we are resilient we are strong enough to deal with it….this is how I usually deal with winter. We can ski, we can skate, we can snowmobile or hike, we can go down to Red Wing and see the eagles…we can ice fish…there’s a ton of things we can do outside with proper gear because we live in an icy tundra for quite a period out of the year and most importantly, we can ride our horses! Riding in the winter is wonderful! It’s beautiful, it’s exhilarating and it’s an adventure….usually. 

Not this winter, it’s just been too damned cold! I don’t mind being in 20 degree weather with no wind, it’s actually nice! Oh when the sun is shining and you are outside in the right gear riding, both horse and human are happy as can be. We haven’t had that this year, anytime it’s been over 15 degrees the wind has been insane! I haven’t been able to ride outside this entire winter, even in the indoor arena it’s been so windwhipped that it’s not really warm enough in there but that’s all we can do so it’s become so boring!!!! The outdoor arena is too deep that you can’t even tell where the barrels and concrete holders are under the snow so you can’t ride in it. 

I’ve never hated a winter as much as this one and as much of a “northerner” I consider myself I am so done, I am so beyond pissed I’ve actually considered moving many times this winter and as much as other Minnesotan’s have said this pretty much every winter since I’ve been born and not done anything about it, this is the first year I’ve actually spend time to complain about it and have actually considered leaving my beloved state. 

Anyone know of a climate that still has all four seasons but stays about 30 degrees with ride-able weather where I don’t have to deal with super humid/hot summers with giant bugs, rattlesnakes and poisonous spiders? Is there a place in the US that encompasses all the benefits of a cold and warm climate without any of the negatives? LOL I doubt it. So unless I become a snowbird in the winter where I can trail my horse to a second home, I can’t imagine moving. Spring through early Winter is beautiful here…it’s just this crazy horrible winter that’s pissed me off so much and considering it’s been once in 37 years…maybe I should stop worrying about it. 

If it happens again next year though, I might need suggestions…got any? 🙂 



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2 Responses to Just a bitch….

  1. rontuaru says:

    Oh, I so hear you!! I’m so done with winter/cold/snow/wind too, and for the exact same reasons. I picked this winter as the first winter ever to board a horse. I reasoned that riding indoors would be better for my horse (and me) than not riding at all. My husband told me I was crazy and reminded me how little I like riding in the cold. “It won’t be as bad in an indoor” I said. Which soon changed to, “It might be chilly, but the indoor cuts the wind!” Yeah. Well, I was wrong. It’s COLDER than the outdoors in a metal building and the wind banging the doors and the snow sliding off the metal roof has been the cause of about a wreck a day. (Fortunately, not me …. yet.) Good times? NOT! For about ten years I’ve been trying to find that Shangra-la that you’re seeking. It doesn’t exist. Most of the truly horsey people from the New England area run to the Carolinas or Florida during the winter. As in, pack up and move out. They come back around June because by then it gets unbearably hot and humid down there. Personally, I’ve had my eye on the CO. Springs area for a long time … until the out of control forest fires and floods of last year. I’m not real enthused about plunking my horse down in the middle of that! I dunno. I promise if I find the perfect place I’ll let you know, but only if you’ll do the same. I’m sick and tired of having a riding season that only lasts 4-5 months, divided between spring and fall. (And in the fall we have to beware of hunters!)

    • eduequine says:

      Oh I so agree! Colorado was my second choice! I need to visit Montana…something inside me needs to check it out and see if it’s better than here LOL but if we are getting slammed maybe they are too being so north so than I thought what is between Ohio and Kentuky, well that’d be Missouri which has meltingly hot summers and West Virginia which I’ve never visited….I think I need to do a whole lot more traveling year round before I make a decision. We went to Tuscon, Az this year in Feb and if you go in the mountains, it LOOKS like northern MN, they even have snow…but then I thought….if you had to go to the store, you would have to go into the 120 degree heat in the desert and how hot would it get in the mountain….ungh…LOL! I’m so picky! If I find it, I will let you know too!

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