When the horse picks you

Sheriff and I

The horse that picked me…Sheriff NHC Stallion.

One thing I have noticed over the years which has become more prevalent is how the Nokota® horses pick their person. I’ve seen this time and time again by attending the Nokota young horse events (like the one happening this month) From my own experience and by being part of other peoples process when they are on the journey of finding “THE” Nokota for themselves, the old idea of picking your horse out doesn’t happen the way we are used to having it happen when you are talking about a Nokota horse.

There is a lot of worry and angst on the potential buyers part, excitement, nerves, fear that we will miss something etc. We really work ourselves up when we are trying to find the “right one”, we put rules and guidelines on everything and come up with crazy ideas that we tell ourselves, things like “the first horse that comes up and shows interest in me should be the one, that’s who I will take home!” That’s just our human nature to have these preconceived plans in attempt to help us deal with our emotions of an unknown situation. The scary thing is with the Nokota’s…it never goes to plan.

The great news is, they pick you. The Nokota’s seem to think (understand) it’s really the other way around. They select their people.

In the clinics, people who come out with the intention of purchasing a Nokota have first pick of ANY horse they may want to work with, so this usually starts with them pointing out a few horses they like in the sorting process. They usually end up working with those horses at first…but in most cases, people seem to end up with a horse they did not chose because they just connect better. It’s not rational or even logical because logic doesn’t really come into play.

The process in the clinic while going through this gentling, seem to open you up and you start to feel things you haven’t felt before. Things just click, and people end up with their perfect partners because it’s not the typical “join up” that we are used too, these horses meld with you and this happens so easily and naturally yet so strongly that sometimes you have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real, because it’s certainly not what we are used to.

It’s not just in the clinic’s either, this happens when people just go out to visit the horses, a friend of mine just came back with a story of falling in love with a horse on the range because the horse followed her everywhere and even claimed her by chasing away other horses that wanted to come check her out.

The Nokota’s® are amazing already but their ability to get humans to feel that same “This is it” moment is uncanny and I have seen this happen time and time again. You really have to feel it, it’s near impossible to explain to someone that hasn’t met these horses in person, but it’s very real and many say it’s very “spiritual”, I know how it sounds too, very hocus pocus over the top new agey especially when said from a natural skeptic such as myself, but one by one we tell people, they look at us like we are insane, they go out either to the clinic or the range and come back and say “I got it now!! It’s so real, that’s incredible!”

I would highly recommend every horse owner to go out and experience this even if they aren’t in the market because it brings relevance to the relationship we have with our own horses, to see what they came from, to see what the natural form and relationship would be. The appreciation becomes so apparent and I think in all honesty it makes us more grounded and we appreciate what we have with a horse that may not be as comfortable telling us the whole truth as a wild horse is. It makes me at least think..ya know what buddy, I WANT you to be brutally honest with me and I suspect that has opened more doors to us than I ever thought possible before.

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