Something new

Today I went out to the ranch with NO expectations, but with something new in mind.

This is my partner, if we were in a post apocalyptic world (yes, an exaggeration) but this is who I would rely on, who I would need, and who I would defend. This is my partner and I need to find a way to connect with him even when he doesn’t feel like connecting.

So I go out and it’s like a love story, he sees me, I wave to him as usual and today he decides to walk towards me. I pet him when we meet, spend a quiet few moments then I asked him, do you want to come with? He walks to the gate with me…no halter, just on his own. He waits for me to halter him at the gate….I love when he does this. It’s really complimentary.

We do all our regular stuff and get out to the arena, which was windy so he was NOT focused on me, and because it was cooler he had two pastures of horses running around having fun around us, and as distracted as he was, I was being patient and clear, and actually was able to get stronger without being offensive. We did an awesome warm up and did some fun patterns that left him blowing, licking and chewing. Then we went out of the arena and did some more fun stuff playing with GO but don’t lose your mind…it was all great!

Then my buddy showed up and told me she had a great dressage saddle she recently got. Because her horse and my horse have been fitting the same saddles lately, I said I wanted to try it, she was all for it, She just wanted to ride in my Western I had on Kiko, so we swapped.

Kiko is pretty used to me getting off and that being the end, but I set him up when I was putting on the English saddle saying, we are gonna do more!

It seemed to work, he let me know at mounting, he was not so very happy we deviated from our regularly scheduled program but got over it in like 5 seconds.

We had so much fun riding around in that saddle, I was post trotting and trying to remember everything I learned as a kid in an English saddle…we got to cantering and I was like WEEEEEE until the saddle slipped and I ended up like a monkey hanging on to the saddle with one leg and the rest of my body as the anchor on the other side of him. He stopped of course, cuz he is amazing. We fixed it and just trotted from there on out.

I am buying a better, non stretchy English cinch in the future. We had a lot of fun though, not just me, but him too. I got off to watch my friend ride and he was snuggling me. It felt like he had fun too which makes it all the better for me.

He loves new things! I do too, so I just need to focus on not being so in my head all the time and go with the flow and do something new and exciting! Now I just have to figure out how to do that all the time and I’m golden! 🙂

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