Coming back after a Nokota high.

It was a sad day yesterday having to leave North Dakota.

I learned so much about myself as a horsewoman and person even though I was an observer instead of a participant in the Nokota® Horse Experience clinic. I changed for the better, the horses change you, but Jack Lieser’s format helps you step by step take a look at those changes, create a vision and retain what you learn.

I was able to play with a few horses on Friday we had some pretty meaningful conversations, I noticed an increase in my awareness and effectiveness with the horses and got to exercise my energy throughout the week moving horses back and forth, into and out of pens etc.

I took a lot of pictures. 

I am happy to be back home but I realized, driving into the cities, my anxiety was rising. The thought of coming back to day to day life was almost painful because it feels like we do so much good for these horses getting them gentled so they can be worked with and find new homes. What we do, makes sense, it’s meaningful and necessary. I feel like I belong there, It feels like “My real life”.

My goal is now, to bring what I have learned into my day to day life and my question to myself is, how can I bring the Nokota® horses closer into my life today? We always need help, we need more exposure and we need funding so I need to amp it all up because these guys are worth it.

This is a picture of Sheriff, my favorite Nokota® Horse Stallion. He remembered me! I got to jump in the pen with him, The Stallions Nahockey and Blue Bird were in there too and that was the closest I have ever been to the two of them. I was grateful I got to spend some time with him, petting him, sniffing noses and scratching him to sleep.

2015 Nokota Experiance pt1 177

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